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Bring Stained Glass Into Your Life

It is a breezy, sunny Sunday afternoon, and we’ve decided to finally make good on a promise to Patti Wilson, one of our favourite Locals Restaurant waitresses.  She is a vibrant woman whose short, wildly cool haircut, funky glasses and sense of humour radiate energy, creativity, fun and kindness.  It shouldn’t have been a surprise […]

A Field of Dreams In Arm’s Reach

For the longest time, I have set out from the Old House to walk the spectacular trail that borders the Courtenay River and its sister K’omoks Estuary. It plays out like a movie that completely relaxes and uplifts me, that is until the very end where a parting scene delivers a bit of a sucker punch. […]

Who Speaks for Wolf

There is place in howling distance of the Old House Hotel, that will likely change you forever. People have come from as far as Belgium to see one single animal, Tundra the wolf at the SWELL WOLF EDUCATION CENTRE. As close to wolf as you can get (90%), this amazing female’s hazel-green eyes look right […]

Stocking Up in a Foodie’s Paradise

If you’re staying at The Old House, it is likely that you’ll be dining in at some point or maybe the whole time!  You might crave a quiet morning with breakfast in bed or a happy hour in your room enjoying locally-made wine, cheeses and meats.  Perhaps movie night by the fire with a local brew paired […]

My Heaven-On-Earth Trail

To be sure, heaven on earth can found in hundreds of places here in the Comox Valley. It could be found floating along the gentle current of the Puntledge River, beachcombing an expanse of Williams Beach, sunbathing on the rock of Seal Bay as boisterous marine friends bark the day away. Maybe it’s kayaking just […]

Taking in the Best of the Island

One of the best kept secrets in Courtenay is the actual place you go to get information about the best kept secrets in Courtenay and the entire island!   The The Vancouver Island Visitor Centre, just off Route 19 and Comox Valley Parkway, might have been more aptly named “The Vancouver Island Experience” because it’s an […]

Mount Washington … Just Do It!

I must admit, I love adventures.  I’ll also admit that there is often angst associated with embarking on them – the packing, the I-think-might-be-getting-a-cold syndrome before leaving, the last-minute work assignment, the dog just threw up scenario, the I’m-out-of-shape fear factor, and many other nagging possibilities that could justify backing out. Each year, it’s not […]

A Dog’s Life is a Great Life at the Old House Hotel

Dogs. Leave home without them? Are you kidding? Dogs are part of our family; leaving home without them is often not an option for many of us, including me.  At the Old House Hotel, I am happy to say dogs are mighty welcome.  Upon checking in, pups are offered Faithful Friends treats, (grain-free treats made […]

Bring Back Memories and Pottery!

My house is a collection of pottery from special places around the world. It’s not worth millions, but each piece is a treasure, and I’ve loved unpacking them after every move! In fact, just a few weeks ago, I stuffed two pieces in my large purse (thanks to Hides in Hand specializing in washable, beautiful […]

Discover Treasures from Weinberg’s Good Food

Outside the Old House Front Door… A Comox Valley Explorer Blog It figures that if you’re looking for cool gifts, best to go to where the selection is huge right? Well, actually not always. In fact, one of my favourite places to find gifts for friends and family (and myself) and great healthy groceries, is […]